The Left and Liberals

Concerning the Left” there’s a difference between the Left and Liberals. Most do not realize Liberals beleive mostly what conservatives beleive and stand for while the left does not. I realize there are few Liberals left in America.

M. Alton Headley


The Sound of Summer

Today is officially the end of summer and with that  comes the silence of the ice cream truck music. It will return but not until late spring. The ice cream cart/truck has been around for 130 years. First starting in large cities with a pushed cart loaded with a large chunk of ice on board keeping the ice cream cold.

In the 1890’s ice cream was at best a risky business until the widespread use of pasteurization. In those days ice cream was served in a bowel which would be returned to the vender after licking the bowl clean. With the hope that before the next customer came along the bowl was washed.

The ice cream truck started in the late 1920’s, think the Good Humor Man and along with that phenom came ice cream on a stick. The ice cream truck survived the depression because while people could not spend much money most could enjoy a nickel treat.

So kids the ice cream truck will return next summer with the accompanied music which is not music to your parents ears, and in the meantime you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Spring Break to look forward to.

M. Alton Headley

Genesis Chapter 16

God does not need our help. Abraham and Sarah decided after years of waiting on the promise of a son and God had not given them one and by that time Abraham was 75 years old. Sarah said take my handmaiden/servant Hagar and lay with her, then you will have a son. As might be expected it did not take long until things were not well between Sarah and Hagar. I suppose Abraham had had enough of the bickering between the two women so he sent Hagar and her son Ishmael who was 16 years of age away. God saw Hagar and Ishmael dying in the desert of Beersheba and provided for them.  God also promised Hagar that Ishmael someday would be a great nation.

God did keep his promise to Abraham who by this time 100 years old. It took God 25 years before Sarah bore Abraham a son named Isaac. In Genesis 16th chapter verse 12 God told Hagar “he (Ishmael) will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” You may beleive peace is possible between the Jews and the Arabs, I do not.

M. Alton Headley

The Milkman

We had our milked delivered in the 1950’s. Dark’s Dairy from Sylacauga. I would run out on a hot August, morning and ask the milkman for a shard of ice. He always gave me one, then drove away. I remember the melted ice draining from the back of that milk truck as the driver drove out on to Highway 280.

M. Alton Headley

The World is to End

From time to time some preacher tells me the world is to end today. The only problem they left out one small detail. Is this to happen in the AM or PM? You would think that a person with the  knowledge of such a cataclysmic event would have the decency to include that small detail.

I have a problem UPS is suppose to deliver my new Gripper Grabber by eight PM. If the end does comes in the PM I won’t have much time to try my new Gipper Grabber. Thank goodness I have been downing Cheetos, Krispy Kreme’s, and Coke with real cane sugar all day. I mean if it’s all over I want to have had a few good times. I suppose I will just have to wait and see, I mean before the end.

M. Alton Headley

PS:  I have never said I was normal.

Marie Taylors Restaurant

Remember Sunday dinner at Marie Taylors restaurant? You could have your choice of meat and two vegetables, rolls or cornbread, sweet ice tea or coffee for $.85. If you wanted desert (usually pie) it was $.20 and a nickel more if you wanted your pie a la mode.

M. Alton Headley


I am a leaf and this tree is my home.

All summer I have grown and I am large and green.

It’s Fall now and my color is starting to change.

Green now but soon yellow then red to brown.

But Fall comes and I must float to the ground.

My waving in the wind will be no more.

I wonder how floating will be?

For I have never floated, you see.

Will the trip will be short?

Short or long I am afraid.

A bird told me “it’s easy, just let go.”

I told that bird “floating is not flying, you know.”

Floating to the ground, what does a bird know?

Do I have the courage to float? I don’t know.

Will it be scary, will it be fun?

When will my trip begin?

So many questions before I go.

Will I be brave, I hope so?

Letting go is not easy, but I will be free.

Who will I meet as I land on the ground?

I am afraid … but being afraid is OK, so here I go.

M. Alton Headley

Milking and Almond

I am always impressed with American ingenuity. I mean America was the first to put a man on the moon, but who ever figured out how to milk an almond, now thats real ingenuity!

M. A. Headley

A Cell Phone (Kinda)

The first time I saw a quote-unquote cell phone was in 1976. No it was not what people referred to in 1983 as the brick (Motorola DynaTAC 8000X ) priced at only $3,995. Actually it was not a cell phone at all. It was made by Motorola and weighed 50 pounds, and pulled so much power the car had to be running or it would drain the battery quickly. This cell phone was installed in my bosses new blue 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible. It had a black phone in the floor with most of the weight in the trunk. It was actually a radio product built by Motorola that they were selling as a car phone. The only problem was it worked like a radio. Which meant you either had to listen or speak. Sounds reasonable right?

If you were the type that had to say uh huh everytime the other person spoke you would cut them off. So it took some getting use to.  Not a bad product, however, it had a limited range. You could only get so far from a tower then you would lose service.  The whole thing looked cool when I was with my boss riding with the top down in that Cadillac. My first call was back to our company office in Mobile, Alabama. We were heading to Dauphin Island, Alabama. But that was all a very long time ago.

M. Alton Headley


The Trash

This evening I ask Kay “if this was my day to take out the trash?” She replied “everyday is your day to take out the trash.” Now people it has been a number of years since we said I do. I was for sure nervous that Saturday afternoon, but I beleive I would have remembered a wedding vow concerning taking out the trash.

M Alton Headley